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Commercial Personal Property Declaration Schedule

For those operating within Larimer County, this required annual filing is the pre-printed legal-sized yellow form that is mailed to business owners in January and is due April 15th of each year. Weld County sends out a letter-sized white form. Link: www.larimer.org/assessor/personal_property_declaration.pdf

The corresponding tax is paid one year later, with half due on February 28th and the remaining half due June 15th or it can be paid in its entirety on April 30th (similar to real property taxation).

Taxable commercial personal property includes furniture, equipment and machinery used by the business. It does not include registered or plated items, such as vehicles, trailers and certain mobile machinery.

Please note that these depreciable assets are double taxed a�� first at the time of purchase and again over the asseta��s deemed lifespan. Therefore, pay particular close attention to asset sales and obsolescence to make certain only the long-lived assets actively used in your business are being reported and taxed.

Also consider a capitalization policy whereby $250 or $500 is your businessa��s minimum value for depreciation purposes.

Caveat – Please contact your legal, business and tax advisors to determine appropriate compliance with federal, state and local law and related filing requirements for your particular business.

Disclaimer – Advice, instruction and forms provided above are for illustrative purposes only and are offered as a public service without representation or warranty and is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purposes of constructing unlawful acts under federal and state law or avoiding penalty under the internal revenue code.