Starting a Business

Starting a business?

Geoff Goudy's strength is in start-ups. From the beginning of his career, he has been most interested in helping new business owners' those people with passion enough for what they do to make the bold step into the business world.

Geoff's advice and expertise is well-known in fact, he receives so many inquiries about starting a small business in Colorado that he developed the Northern Colorado Start-Up Center for this website, which will provide answers to some of the most essential questions you should be asking as someone about to embark on a new business.

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Also see the Small Business page of this website for more on the services that Geoff can provide once you've gotten your business off the ground. Starting a small business is a struggle, but Geoff offers new business owners a relief from the work of accounting, and saves them more money and time in the end.

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Self Employed


There are many freedoms that come with self-employment, but what do you do when you need help with the financial realities of being an independent contractor: deductions, estimated tax, and other self-employment issues?

There's no need to feel alone when it comes to your self-employment financial issues. Geoff has offered tax advice for self-employed people for many years, and crunched numbers for independent contractors of all career types.

See the Self-Employed Tax Help page for answers to many common questions and links to important tax forms and calculators.

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Sometimes Geoff's tax advice for self-employed people includes advising them to have a professional file their tax return. If you'd like to enlist Geoff's help with your tax accounting, check out the Loyal Tax Accountant page for more information on Geoff's specific strengths, services, and approaches to your taxes.

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I'm relocating. How do I get my business started in Colorado?

Geoff has created the Northern Colorado Start-Up Center section of this website specifically for those businesses just beginning in Colorado. Certified Public Accountants rarely take time to make their knowledge public, as Geoff has with the NCSC. Take full advantage of this great resource, which will answer many important questions about local rules and regulations regarding starting a business in the area.

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This website also contains a Community section, where you can learn about the latest in the Fort Collins area business world, meet featured business owners, and network with businesses that might be relevant to yours.

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Geoff has created a Fort Collins Business Directory, connecting the many businesses for whom he provides accounting services and you could become one of those businesses today!

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And last but not least, you'll find the Small Business & Start-Up page informative if you are a new or small business owner. Colorado Certified Public Accountant services by Geoff are outlined, as is his particular expertise in small business issues.

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Closing, Selling

Closing? Selling?

Geoff has supported many clients through times of change. Whether it's to create a plan of dissolution of business activities, or to help prepare for an expansion, Geoff's wisdom as a CPA for small businesses is invaluable during times of transition.
See the Your Loyal Tax Accountant page for how Geoff might help you with advice and tax services during the sale of your business, through a new or dissolving partnership, expansion or closure of your locations, and more. Before you create a plan of dissolution of a business or get too deep into company restructuring, save yourself time and money and get Geoff on board.

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Also see the Small Business & Start-Up page for Geoff's specific strength with issues concerning small, micro, and new businesses.

See the Small Business, Start-Up page.