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Start-ups & Small Business

They call Geoff Goudy “An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend.”

And there’s a reason for that: small business, start-up businesses and micro business are Geoff’s SPECIALTY. And because he has worked within the small business world for so long, he knows:

When your business outsources its accounting,
It adds up very simply to a wealth of benefits.

  • Gain access to Geoff’s accounting expertise
  • Avoid the costs of hiring, training, and managing employees
  • Keep focused on what’s truly important to you and your company
  • Employ on a short-term, long-term, and/or project basis as you need assistance
  • Have a sole source of responsibility and accountability

From invaluable consulting about small business financing ideas, to onsite accounting for the small business start-up, to the panicked phone calls he fields from those in the middle of starting a small business, Geoff truly is the financial companion that business owners always wish they had. A trusted confident with financial wisdom and expertise:

Geoff does his job well so that you can focus on what you want to do:
Run a unique, independent business, and run it well.