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Whether you’re looking to hire a CPA or simply need financial advice, there is no reason not to call Geoff Goudy as his initial consultation is always friendly and free.


  • Self-employed and looking for a smarter tax structure?
  • Received a notice from the IRS and don’t know how to respond?
  • Wanting to strike out on your own but not sure what to do next?
  • Accounting system appears to be garbage in, garbage out?
  • Exiting startup phase and concerned with growth scenarios?
  • Terminating ownership interest and unsure of tax ramifications?
  • Want to work with an atypical CPA?

Email: ggoudy@cspotcount.com
Cell: 970-420-2136
Toll Free: 877-277-6828
Fax: 970-472-9025

Or fill out Geoff’s simple Inquiry Form. With a little bit of knowledge about you and your business, he’ll be able to get back to you with specific ways that he can serve you.

Geoff is eager to help those relocating to the Fort Collins area, those in need of any kind of financial or tax advice, and those desiring the services of a Certified Public Accountant in Colorado.

Hire a CPA who is as accessible as he is skilled. Call Geoff today.

Geoffrey W. Goudy, CPA, LLC
139 N. Meldrum Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521

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