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The Start-Up Expert

Are you just starting a small business? Do you have just a small amount of investment capitol and a very big dream? Could you use some small business financing ideas, and then some wisdom as to the best use of that money? Looking for a straight-shooting answer to the question, a�?Just how much does it cost to start a small business?a�?

Call Geoff.

An upsetting but true fact is that one third of new businesses fail within their first two years of operation. Ita��s clear: how you invest that starter cash and how you make those first structural decisions is CRUCIAL to your businessa��s success. And estimating ahead of time approximately how much it costs to start a small business and which type of business to operate under is imperative.

Having years of experience specifically with start-ups and new business owners, Geoff knows what you can expect in your first year beyond patience and persistence. Hea��ll warn you of the pitfalls, advise you on whata��s worked for others, and give you a breakdown of what you need to make–and what you can afford to spend.

Geoff is so passionate about start-ups that he developed the Northern Colorado Start-Up Center, a virtual information center which offers answers to some of these first essential questions. And ita��s all accessible through this website!
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