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List of 10 Creative Writing Exercises

Stuck due to lack of inspiration? Writer’s block is a common occurrence among creative writers, whereby one sits in front of a computer screen, but no ideas come to mind. The phenomenon destroys a writer’s confidence leading to confusion. However, to become the best writer, one has to practice every day. The help of the following writing exercises inspires excellent writing almost the same as writing skills of writers at essaykitchen writing service.

One: The seven times seven times seven exercise.

The exercise directs you to go into a library and pick the seventh book from the shelves and open page seven and go to the seventh sentence. Once you have gotten it, make it a foundation of your writing by beginning a paragraph with it.

Two: The dictionary exercise

When practicing to write, take a dictionary and open it randomly to any page. Once there, pick one word that is unfamiliar to you, and come up with imaginary definitions. You should repeat this exercise severally to inspire you to start writing.

Three: The ‘first’ exercise
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Here, you think of the first things that have ever happened in your life and describe each one of them. For instance, the first day of school, first kiss, first pet, first date. By thinking of them and jotting down ideas, you will develop excellent and entertaining stories.

Four: Magazine puzzle

            The exercise entails you picking up different magazines and cutting out terms, phrases, and images you find interesting from the magazine. Once you have done that, place them in a bowl and pick out two cutouts. Make them topics and write short stories about them of about 250 words.

 Five: Atlas challenge

            The atlas challenge encompasses you taking a world map and blindly selecting a spot that you would love to visit. Then, take your notebook, envision yourself in the said destination and write a story on the weirdest experience you had in that travel destination. You will be surprised how creative juices will flow, leading to a great story.

Six: advertise your pet

Selling your pet is a writing exercise whereby you create an advert to sell your pet. The practice involves you describing your pet in-depth, outlining its best qualities and giving convincing reasons as to why someone should buy it.

Seven: Write a letter to yourself.

Do you have an interest in learning to write a non-fictional book? Writing a letter to yourself is the best exercise to prepare you for it. Here, you develop various ideas and arguments of what you would like to inform, counsel and hope for the future you. Once you can write such a letter, you come closer to learning how to create ideas for a non-fictional book.

Eight: Advertisements exercise.

In this exercise, one picks two distinct advertisements of products published in a newspaper, such as Nike shoes or the McDonalds among others and utilize the words used to market and describe the ads as topics to come up with a story.

Nine: “I remember” exercise

The writing exercise dictates that you begin a writing exercise with the words “I remember” and stimulate your memories to come up with different memories that create a story.

Ten: The changing your persona exercise

It is a writing exercise that requires you to adopt an entirely different character such as a person of a different race, nationality, age or gender. Then, utilize the new persona to develop a short-story about the new person you have created.


Creative writing exercises are valuable teaching techniques to turn a writer into a better one. Continuous practice makes one an excellent writer. Thus, one should utilize these exercises.

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