What is Essay Basics?

Writing an essay is not always a breeze. There are a lot of times when finding the words or ideas to put into an essay are extremely difficult. Luckily, with the explosion of the internet, writing an essay has become a lot easier thanks to the sources and guides available online. But what if you can’t write a complete essay on your own? What if you need help in writing and finding the ideas you need for the essay? What you need is an essay writing service.
EssayBasics - Essay Writing Services you can Trust!
There are a lot of websites online that offer essay writing services. One of these websites is Essay Basics. EssayBasics is an online writing service that offers students, or anyone who needs an essay written for them, to order a customized and unique essay that suits their needs. They employ 400 professional essay writers who not only write the essay for you but make them completely unique as well.  With just a few key strokes, you will be able to find the perfect writer who will create a 100% unique essay for the subject you selected. Essay Basics doesn’t do essays only, they also accept requests for Research and Term Papers. They also offer Dissertation Writing Services for those who are taking up their Doctorate Degree.

How does it work?

Now let’s find out how essaybasics.com delivers high quality and unique academic papers.

Placing an order

Before you can request any writing job from EssayBasics, you need to register on their website. Signing up to it is free, so don’t worry about any upfront or registration fees. There is also an option to sign in with your Facebook or Google account. Once you have logged in, you can set what type of paper your need. On this menu, you can also set how long the writer has before you need the paper. The ranges start from 6 hours up to two months. You can also set how many pages you need the paper to be. The topic and other details of the paper can be added on the text boxes beside the area where you select the details of the paper. After all the details are set up, just click “Place Order” and you’re all set.

Assigning writers

Once the order has been finalized, the writers of EssayBasics.com will bid on your project. They will send short introductions and application requests to your account. These messages will appear in the order list as well. The writers will also place a bid on your request on how much they want to be paid for that certain project. The prices vary from writer to writer, so you can choose one that fits your budget or the one that you like among them. You can also invite specific writers to bid on your project. Some of the details about the writer will appear on the list. These details include their rating, completion rate and number of reviews. If there is a writer that you like among those who bid on your project, just click on the “Actions” button and choose “Accept Bid”.

Communication with the writer

After you have selected a writer and both of you have come to an agreement about the project, you can go deeper onto the details of the project directly with the writer. You can chat with them privately and share any thoughts or ideas you may have or need about the paper.

Order completion

After the writer has finished the project, you will receive a text message or an email notifying you that the file is ready. If all things in the paper are to your satisfaction, you just have to pay the writer for the job and you have your finished paper. You can also rate the writer’s performance and leave a review about them.

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