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Annual Payroll FAQ

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Question: What are the rules for sole-employee businesses concerning payroll taxes? Answer: Single-owner sole-employee business ventures can file and remit payroll taxes on an annual basis without penalty. While a bit unconventional, remitting appropriate payroll and withholding taxes once a year in late December and early January is often a smart business decision. I generally […]

Tax increases come election day?

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Local tax increase initiatives may be on the November 2, 2010 election ballot canadian mail order pharmacies to usa Local municipality and county governments may place sales and property tax increase initiativesA�on the upcoming fall election ballot….due in large part to lagging tax revenues arising from an economy in recession and subsequent anemic growth. While […]

Reducing Taxable Income FAQ

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Question a�� We would like to reduce our projected taxable income but due to current cash flow volume, we are unable to reduce all of our accounts payable. A�Would it be wise to take money from our line of credit to pay vendors? Or are we better off not taking out additional debt? clomiphene citrate […]

Obligations to issue 1099s to vendors

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Question: Which contractors do I have to issue a 1096/1099 form for to the IRS? I know they are the ones whom I’ve paid more than $600 during the year to,but are there other qualifications to be concerned with? Answer: Generally you only need to furnish 1099s to independent contractors who are individuals (SSN) or […]

In a pinch on the 31st?

Posted on Jan 21, 2010 in Financial Statements & Taxes 1 Comment »

Sometimes business cash flow is a little tight and sometimes at the most inopportune time, such as a�?payroll tax payment daya�?.A� Please note that if any of the following four standard payroll tax payments are paid after January 31st Form 941 a�� Federal payroll and withholding taxes Form 940 a�� Federal unemployment insurance taxes Form […]

Annual Report a�� Ita��s the easiest to submita��and the easiest to forget

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Too often, Ia��ll notice that business owners fail to perform a simple annual requirement to keep their Limited Liability Company or Profit Corporation in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State.A� And honestly, ita��s pretty easy to ov viagra soft erlook. Every year at your venturea��s organization or incorporation date, registered agents (generally the […]

Taxation of Life Insurance Benefits FAQ

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Question a�� Are life insurance benefits from my mothera��s estate taxable? Answer a�� The best answer depends on three different circumstances. a�? If the amount exclusively relates to a bactrim no prescription online cheap life insurance policy, then no amount is taxable and the fiduciary (life insurance company) should not have asked you to complete […]

To select a CPA, go for the best fit. Herea��s how.

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Fit. Ita��s the most important consideration when selecting a certified public accountant. To get off to a good start, interview two or three practices. I also recommend to both new and experienced business owners to look for a comfort level with their skill set and their culture. You want to be confident and comfortable with […]

Self-employed professional a�� tax considerations.

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I get the question several times a year and often between Thanksgiving and New Year a�� do you have any tax suggestions for my business? If the owner has created a Limited Liability Company or Profit Corporation with the Secretary of State, I can generally suggest meaningful options in regards to self-employment tax savings, retirement […]

The Most Common Missteps of Start-Ups

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While start-ups face many impediments, Ia��ve concluded that just a couple missteps can cause the greatest harm: Lack of personal funds to meet personal expenditure commitments my canadian pharmacy reviews Shotgun marketing efforts Giving up on the venture too early For the most part, the first and last bullet items above are linked as a�?cause […]

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